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The lovely fabric called Ankara and its versatility

The lovely fabric called Ankara and its versatility 
The Ankara fabric has been embraced by men and women all over the world. The love that people have for the Ankara fabric is overwhelming. 
This is because the Ankara fabric is very versatile. It can be made into many amazing trendy designs that anyone can rock. What more, it suits both the young and old.
The Ankara aso ebi adds colour to any event. More so, Ankara is now made into suits and trousers for corporate office looks. One thing I love about this fabric is that it doesn't restrict your fashion sense if you are very creative with it. 
You can make it into a nice short and top for a day at the beach, it can be worn as skirt and blouse, it can be worn as a short dress for an evening look, it can be worn as a long sleeveless dress for a date. The list is endless. 
Ankara continues to trend positively over the world. Don't be left out!!!

Asooke ----How it compliments your dressing !!!

In English, the words "aso oke" mean top cloth. Both men and women wear this fabric on their heads, or as gowns. Aso oke are also known for their fabulous colors, patterns, and designs. There are three different varieties of aso oke that Yoruba women wear: alaaria, a very rich in red aso oke, sanyan, a brown toned and sometimes tan aso oke, and etu, an aso oke that is dark blue. Aso oke appear in everyday fashion, as part of formal wear, and even in special events such as weddings and holidays. Often appearing with aran, aso oke fabric typically consists of brownvelvets with concentric designs. If you are searching for assistance in buying and tying an aso oke, there are a few things you should know beforehand.

Choosing Your Aso Oke
Aso oke, also known as "gele," generally appear on the heads of African American women, particularly Nigerian women. The aso oke they wear on their heads are either red, brown, or blue. Not only does aso oke cloth come in solid colors,…

Latest Asoebi Styles

Topic: Latest Aso Ebi styles, Modern Fashionable Dresses, Glamorous sense of styles&More!!!!!
At Glam Ladies, we are committed to showcasing true African and Intercontinental designs of Aso Ebi that breaks every cultural and traditional bias, evening dresses, fashion ensembles that will rock the red carpet and many more. See the pictures below for ideas!!!