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Asoebi Glam-----This styles will make you turn up Wow !! @ your next event

Where are my Fashion lovers!! Are you thinking of the next style to sew and make a neck turning appearance? Or do you just want to feed your eyes on the trendy Asoebi styles and hot color combos? If yes, Get in here and view the lastest and hottest 2016 Asoebi styles.

Slay In Trendy Styles To Your Next Owanbe Party In One Of This Aso Ebi . 

N Our fashionistas  are coming out of their comfort zones and they are putting in all efforts to look their best to Nigerian parties, slaying the finest fabrics, laces and embellishments and creating astonishing statements with gorgeous designs that simply ooze glamour
Check out some of this trendy AsoEbi wears !!!

Oritsefemi-begs-Nigerian-boys-let-daughters-finish-college !!

Singer Oritsefemi who has two teen daughters has publicly warned men to stay off them, especially the first one saying she might be big, but she is still a teen.  A lot of people termed him over protective saying won’t she get married one day, but the singer in a new chat with Saturday Beats says there is time for everything and right now it’s the time for her to grow. While affirming his online threat, Femi said;

“I was very serious about warning men against my daughter. Every parent wants their kids to get to a certain level in life before they begin to think about relationship and mine is not different. That was why I posted the message on my Instagram page. I have already spoken to my daughter, so I decided to talk to the general public and plead with them to allow her grow older before they begin to chase her. It may sound like a joke but I was seriously passing a message across. It does not mean she would not have a boyfriend or get married someday.” Continue....

He also spoke …

Kenya is holding its first Albino beauty pageant to counter negative attitudes towards albinism.

Kenya is holding its first albino beauty pageant to counter negative attitudes towards albinism.

Many albinos in some parts of Africa suffer stigma, alienation and even physical abuse.
The pageant, to be held in the capital, Nairobi, aims to boost the confidence of young people with albinism

Glam Wedding Of the Year

In Nigeria, usually three types of weddings occur; court weddings, church weddings and traditional weddings. These weddings take place at different places and they all involve different statement outfits. But the most recent norm is saying your wedding vows in more than one dress. This involves changing from the formal wedding dress to a more relaxed dress for the partying, dancing and merrying.
Weddings in Nigeria is very rich in traditional and cultural values.Below is a typical Yoruba Wedding ----

Asoebi Styles---Trendy Styles You Must Have !!!!!

We bring to you Asoebi styles of the weekend at various events which includes wedding ceremonies and other owambe, . In preparing for  a wedding ceremony or any other owambe in Nigeria we need to pay attention to our style. For this occasions, its not unusual that we buy uniform fabric and when we do we have to turn them into excellent styles that would be fitting of our status. The right style for an occasion can take you places, it makes sure that you stand out and that you look different from the rest.Turn up Glam in your next event which these styles   When I say glam I mean, fresh, bold and anything that makes you shine and shimmer. The glamorous aso ebi styles are definitely what you need to stand out at parties and get-together’s therefore we want to help you with your image so this glamorous aso ebi styles  below would put you higher up in the fashionista rank, scroll and Since we have established the importance of keeping up appearances, style wise, you need to know that you a…


Creative outfit and  styles  in Asoebi is  definitely vogue in Nigeria these days as every fashionista must been spotted in their fabulous styles. Many fashion enthusiast and lovers of African fashion like to turn up at different events to showcase their latest styles for the world to see and be inspired from.Today, we’ve picked some of the best looks from this past weekend, this styles and designs would inspire you to do better, scroll down to check them out;This is because the aso ebi style game has been upped !! Every fashion conscious ladies wants to be seen with eye popping styles in Asoebi there is no longer room for medocrity


Toyin Lawani Announced as the National Youth Ambassador of FADAN

Toyin Lawani of Tiannahs Place Empire has been appointed as the National Youth Ambassador of FADAN (Fashion Designers Association Of Nigeria). The head judge and face of Nigeria’s Next Top Designer was selected because of her contributions to the fashion industry in Nigeria, her commitment to helping young designers grow as well as sponsorship programs at her Fashion Academy. With this new feather added to

her cap, Toyin Lawani intends to keep promoting our fashion culture on the African Continent and international market, which will ultimately increase the purchase of Nigerian fashion. See the new photos of Toyin Lawani below