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Best Ways To Wear The Jean On African Print Trend-----Watch video

Women Fashion: Best Ways To Wear The Jean On African Print Trend
Known as African print, African wax, Kente, ankara and popular produced by Vlisco and other brands, this colourful fabric has grown from just being used in designing traditional African wears to being used in fashionable haute couture pieces that are being worn by international celebrities, supermodels, and high society. The African print is being used in making every kind of design one can think of. And jeans, which has been in trends for decades as a very fashionable and comfortable fashion piece is now being combined with the African print fabric. The jeans material works well with the loud, multicoloured and bright African print to create a calming down effect for African women fashion that is mostly very bright. If you’re looking for the best ways to wear an ankara African print outfit to work, check out this article for some styling ideas.
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Adorable Photos That Prove Nigerian Kids Rock Traditional Wears------watch video

Adorable Photos That Prove Nigerian Kids Rock Traditional Wears Better Than Adults
Nigerian children are really adorable to look at and when they are adorned in native attires, what you have is total cuteness overload! Check out these 10 heart-warming photos that show, without a doubt, Nigerian kids in traditional wears will melt even the hardest of hearts: Source:

Beautiful Ankara designs for kids

Beautiful Ankara designs for kids
One unique thing about the Ankara fabric is that it looks good on anyone, both old and young including kids. It’s a popular practice to see Nigerian parents buy expensive designer clothes for their kids in other for them to stand out among other kids. However, not everyone is able to spend much on clothing when there are other basic needs to take of. A secret many parents don’t know is that you can actually make beautiful clothes for kids from ankara fabrics which will still look nice on them. To inspire you journey to sewing Ankara fabrics for your kids, we have selected some beautiful Ankara styles for you, your kids will definitely like; Source: beautiful

Matching African attires for couples-----Watch video

Matching African attires for couples
Studies show that couples who dress in matching outfits usually have a blast hanging out. Well, you, of course, don’t need studies to prove how cute coupled glam feels. It’s a lovely idea if you are either up for a style blend with your better half, or you just want to show off the chemistry the two of you have. African outfits for couples are undoubtedly a cool way to do this. See inspirations below!
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Beautiful pre-wedding shoot ideas-----Watch video

Beautiful pre-wedding shoot ideas Pre-Wedding Couple shoot was almost unheard off ten years ago. However, the young generation of today is more than enthusiastic about getting a Pre-Wedding couple photo shoot done. 

A Pre-Wedding shoot captures the love-chemistry of a couple before the actual wedding. After the wedding, familiarity grows and the Love chemistry changes its colours. Obviously the couple grows more intimate.
However, before the wedding, they share a different chemistry. Its more lovey-dovey and they feel and savor each other’s touch and glances more, almost like teenagers. They are raring to explore each other and are very enthusiastic. A Pre-Wedding shoot captures those special feelings and emotions, which will soon be replaced by deeper intimacy and greater acquaintance. Check out the following shoots and be inspired!
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Stand out in a Crowd In These Lovely Styles !!!

How to stand out in a crowd with your look
Standing out in a crowd is achievable if you are a confident man or woman. But it takes more than confidence to achieve a glittering effect on the red carpet, or to look dashing to a girlie hang-out or to get compliments here and there by people who appreciate your ensemble.
It involves knowing how to combine the right accessories with the right clothes. Knowing that too much bling will not do for a sequined dress while customized jewellery and beads will go with other type of clothing material is the way to go. That is what defines a true fashionista! Check out the various combinations below and get inspired to achieve a 'wow' look Watch video !!!

10 OUTFIT IDEAS FOR A SATURDAY NIGHT OUT----watch video for some casuals


Saturday night at the club is a great way to unwind after a busy week at work. This is also the perfect excuse to dress up and go have fun. Dressing for a night at the club differs from dressing for work or a regular outing; it’s the time to let out your wild side. Try on daring outfits; it’s not a night for subtlety.

Here are some tips
1. Sequins: Add a bit of sparkle to your outfit; try anything with sequins from a blazer to shoes! Clubs aren’t well lit anyway so be a source of light!

2. Shoes: For those who work in corporate environments, wearing shoes with spikes and splatters of paint aren’t acceptable so Friday night is the perfect time to strut around inshoes that wow.

3. Sheer clothing: For those who aren’t bold enough to try sheer clothing in the day time try it at night when it’s much darker for a sultry and sexy look.

4. Show some skin: Going about your daily business is not exactly the time to be in all types of clothes, especially those…

Valentine Day look Fashion Inspirations-----Watch video for some eye pooping look !!!!

There's no one right way to do Valentine's Day, and different agendas call for different outfits. Let's face it, nobody wants to end up at a fancy, romantic restaurant under dressed. Whether you're staying in for a cozy night with your boo or catching a movie with your girlfriends, the inspiration shots ahead will guarantee you a most fashionable holiday. Know exactly what kind of look you need? Jump ahead to the category you want to see. To a MovieTo an Intimate DinnerStaying InCourtesy:

Asoebi Styles for this week !!!

Check out this lovely styles Ankara styles,Latest Nigerian styles,wedding guest ,

Bridal Makeover-----Lovely Bridal Make Up !!!!

Every bride want to look good on their special day. One of the important factors most bride consider when getting married is their makeover. If well done, it determines how beautiful the bride looks and makes pictures more appealing. However, some brides still don't get it right on their wedding day. In order not to make costly mistakes like these, check out the beautiful faces we have selected to inspire your bridal look in 2017.

Fun,Flighty Style That You Will Adore !!!!

The Fun, Flirty and Girly Collective by April By Kunbi presents a wide range of highly versatile and wearable pieces. The collective features beautifully crafted dresses, peplum jackets, skirts and pants using prints and fabrics such as chiffon, raw silk and lots of shiny sequined fabric the brand is well known for. 

Gele Styles To Compliment Your Asoebi !!!!Watch Tutorial as well on how to tie your Gele from---Temmy

Headgears, popularly called gele is what enhances every traditional or cultural outfit worn by women all over the world. No owambe is complete without beautifully tied headgears which is every complete woman's signature style to an event. Gele comes in different shades and materials. Some are made of aso oke(woven traditional fabric), some are made of net etc. In 2017, more styles of tying gele have emerged and you don't want to be left out. You can get an idea of how to tie your gele for the next event you are attending by checking out these pictures.

5 ways to a womans heart !!! ---Listen to advise from Uwanma----Media Personality

In this episode, since its the month of love and valentines day around the corner she’s letting people know the 5 ways to a woman’s heart.Listen to  Media Personality ----Uwanna tips in her Vlog on love She says: “So, it’s February the month of love and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. This video is for men who want the love of their women. Real true love. Not the kind bought with money and material stuff. In other words, not for B!tch Boys (as I like to call them). If you think love can be bought with money, then this video is not for you. But if you want love that is based on deeper substance, then you should watch this video. It will help get the woman of your dreams throwing open her heart and… erm … other places to you!
Ladies, this will also point you in the direction of what you should appreciate in your man; the real stuff”

Is Pink Asoebi Combo Your Signature Colour ??

Today we are bringing you Asoebi of the same colour ----It is good sometimes to put styles of the same colour in one post so that you will be able to check all your options of a style  in one go. The colour Pink brings out the Awesomeness of the female specie---The saying is true that anything is possible  with sunshine and pink !!Please let us look at the pink side of life in these lovely Asoebi Pink combo