5 ways to a womans heart !!! ---Listen to advise from Uwanma----Media Personality

 In this episode, since its the month of love and valentines day around the corner she’s letting people know the 5 ways to a woman’s heart.Listen to  Media Personality ----Uwanna tips in her Vlog on love
She says:
“So, it’s February the month of love and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. This video is for men who want the love of their women. Real true love. Not the kind bought with money and material stuff. In other words, not for B!tch Boys (as I like to call them). If you think love can be bought with money, then this video is not for you. But if you want love that is based on deeper substance, then you should watch this video. It will help get the woman of your dreams throwing open her heart and… erm … other places to you!
Ladies, this will also point you in the direction of what you should appreciate in your man; the real stuff”


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