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Refresh your wardrobe with these new Asoebi Styles in 2017

Updating your Fashion Preferences in 2017 This is a new year where you are supposed to improve every detail in your appearance.. Your outfits have to complement your personality. How do you stay glammed up if you do not update your wardrobe? Some of your best fashion ideas in 2016 may have gone extinct by now. Here are some latest fashion ideas to keep you looking glam, younger and attractive. You can never go wrong with these styles

Asoebi Inspirations For Celebrants !!!

Why the aso ebi would never go out of fashion
Aso ebi has come with a permanent stay to the world of fashion all over the world. Aso ebi started in Nigeria, majorly from the southwest among the Yorubas many years ago. But then all tribes and tongues in Nigeria adopted it giving naysayers a run for their money.
Neighboring African countries such as Ghana, Cote D'ivoire and Cameroon have also been bitten by the aso ebi bug. The whites known for their conservative nature even join us in our love for aso ebi. You see them at events with beautiful caps and headgears. 
This means that aso ebi has successfully transcended all culture. It has broken age long barriers, racism, hatred and fosters uniformity and beauty among people from different races. Here are some styles  for your Inspirations  !!!!

Asoebi for Plus-Sized Women

As the world keeps evolving, fashion has also evolved over time. With beautiful hand crafted designs everywhere, you surely have no reason not to look good no matter your age.

When you think you have seen it all, some wonderful styles and cloth designs just spring up. The native attire remains the best outfit mostly worn at every party within and outside Nigeria.

Are you a mother, grandmother or lady thinking there is no sense in looking dashing?

No matter your age, there is a special outfit meant for you. Be it native or casual. You only have to get it right. With the native attire, you can never go wrong with any style you choose. Just make sure it is comfortable on you.

Native attires are flamboyant and adds colour to events. So it naturally suits every age group. Looking good is serious business.

Casuals can be worn by mothers and fathers in their fifties and above. See pictures below for some inspiration.

Check out these Aso Ebi styles and Tips on Fashion errors you must avoid !!!!

Are you a fashion enthusiast interested in knowing what best to wear? Do you know there are some common fashion mistakes you should avoid?

Here are some of them:

Do not let your bra strap be seen when you are wearing  your beautiful French lace aso ebi(or any kind of lace cloth for that matter) that are not covered to the top. If it's a very beautiful lace bra that will complement your outfit, then, that could be an exception.

Badly tied gele looks tacky on you no matter how beautiful or expensive your aso ebi is. Try and seek professional hands with your headgear.

The lines of your pant should not be seen outside your skirt. This is embarrassing.

If you love to tie iro and buba, make sure your underskirt is not peeping under the wrapper while you are carried away.

Most importantly,wear clothes you are comfortable in. Its a fashion error to copy a style that looks good on a slim person when it might not agree with your bigger shape .

Have a look at some of these styles for some I…

Turn Up Glam In These Adorable Styles !!!!


Here at Glam Ladies we are constantly updating pictures of our fashionistas chicest  Asoebi outfits. From georgeous long gowns,midlength outfits ,ladies showcase the latest designs and styles. It is true however that getting dressed up and glamorous for events makes women feel powerful and sexy.To some looking good is good business The sense of being perfectly well dressed gives an alluring sense of confidence !!! below are another series of high popping styles that will give you a "whaaoh" factor at your next event