Asoebi for Plus-Sized Women

As the world keeps evolving, fashion has also evolved over time. With beautiful hand crafted designs everywhere, you surely have no reason not to look good no matter your age.

When you think you have seen it all, some wonderful styles and cloth designs just spring up. The native attire remains the best outfit mostly worn at every party within and outside Nigeria.

Are you a mother, grandmother or lady thinking there is no sense in looking dashing?

No matter your age, there is a special outfit meant for you. Be it native or casual. You only have to get it right. With the native attire, you can never go wrong with any style you choose. Just make sure it is comfortable on you.

Native attires are flamboyant and adds colour to events. So it naturally suits every age group. Looking good is serious business.

Casuals can be worn by mothers and fathers in their fifties and above. See pictures below for some inspiration.


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