Asoebi Inspirations For Celebrants !!!

Why the aso ebi would never go out of fashion

Aso ebi has come with a permanent stay to the world of fashion all over the world. Aso ebi started in Nigeria, majorly from the southwest among the Yorubas many years ago. But then all tribes and tongues in Nigeria adopted it giving naysayers a run for their money.

Neighboring African countries such as Ghana, Cote D'ivoire and Cameroon have also been bitten by the aso ebi bug. The whites known for their conservative nature even join us in our love for aso ebi. You see them at events with beautiful caps and headgears. 

This means that aso ebi has successfully transcended all culture. It has broken age long barriers, racism, hatred and fosters uniformity and beauty among people from different races.
Here are some styles  for your Inspirations  !!!!


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