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Canada At 150: Lessons For Nigeria

Canada At 150: Lessons For NigeriaPosted on On July 1, Canada, a North American country, celebrated its 150th anniversary as a nation.  The milestone, commemorated across the country, marked the year the British North America Act was passed by the British parliament, paving the way for colonies of Canada – which included two French territories, Ontario and Quebec – to join Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in creating a single Dominion of Canada. Canada’s international borders have since changed several times, and the country has grown from the original four provinces to the current 10 provinces and three territories. As Goldwin Smith, a British historian and journalist, writes, at inception, and for many decades, Canada remained “a political expression.”           Today, Canadians have every reason to celebrate the birth of their nation, in spite of its colonial background and plurality.  Troubled federal systems like Nigeria’s have a lot to learn from Canada’s meteoric national integra…

How The Media Fuels Sex Urge While The Church Spurs It On

How The Media Fuels Sex Urge While The Church Spurs It OnPosted on
Have you ever wondered why there is so much talk about sex in the 21st century? Everything about a life is linked to sex and the woman. She is a poet’s dream. An artist’s impression. The lyrics of a successful male musician. The dance steps of a skilled instrumentalist and a photographer’s imagination.
Her body is always dissected under the male purview. It has often been said: Woman is a necessary evil; a desirable calamity and a domestic peril. Love her or hate her, you cannot simply do without her.
And you have often asked the question, what’s on a man’s mind? In this 21st century, the world is awash with a pandemic of sexual issues and the popular media over-emphasize scintillating topics as celebrity wardrobes, lifestyle of the rich, the famous and the infamous. The fa

Adebayo Faleti – A Rare Gem.

Adebayo Faleti – A Rare Gem.Posted on Lots of sympathizers, keep thronging the home of the late renowned author, poet, ace broadcaster and actor, Pa Adebayo Faleti, who died on Sunday. Men and women, who besieged Faleti’s premises located at Olororo area of Ojoo, Ibadan, Oyo State, wept uncontrollably, while some were seen in groups discussing his sudden demise.

Nigerian Traditional Rulers And Their Rich Fashion Sense.

Nigerian Traditional Rulers And Their Rich Fashion Sense. P
Fashion in Nigeria has always been diverse, reflecting its many ethnic groups, religions, and cultures. The richness of this culture is embedded in the fashion sense of the traditional rulers,  from the North,  to the South,  to the East, the cultural richness never lacks.  Below are a couple of Nigerian traditional rulers elegantly robed in their cultural regalia.