Daddy Showkey on Funny Bone

Veteran Nigerian singer, Daddy Showkey did not take it lightly when he got wind of a joke made my comedian, Funnybone that was sort of taking shots at him.
Funnybone who was performing at his show titled “FunnyBone Untamed” which happened on the 9th of July 2017, told some jokes using recent happenings in the entertainment industry. In reference to the social media fight between Wizkid and Tekno, Funnybone had said “If Tekno na Duck, then wetin be Daddy Showkey, na Mosquito be that”
daddy showkey
This didn’t go down well with the galala crooner who saw the video and reacted by saying “someone just sent this to me now, please let me know if this is a joke or insult, tell him to get ready” On realizing that Daddy Showkey didn’t see things the way others did, Funnybone apologized by saying “I respect you a lot sir and will never disrespect you. u no (sic) me too well sir. I apologize sir. Please accept my sincere apologies”


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