Check out these Aso Ebi styles and Tips on Fashion errors you must avoid !!!!

Are you a fashion enthusiast interested in knowing what best to wear? Do you know there are some common fashion mistakes you should avoid?

Here are some of them:

Do not let your bra strap be seen when you are wearing  your beautiful French lace aso ebi(or any kind of lace cloth for that matter) that are not covered to the top. If it's a very beautiful lace bra that will complement your outfit, then, that could be an exception.

Badly tied gele looks tacky on you no matter how beautiful or expensive your aso ebi is. Try and seek professional hands with your headgear.

The lines of your pant should not be seen outside your skirt. This is embarrassing.

If you love to tie iro and buba, make sure your underskirt is not peeping under the wrapper while you are carried away.

Most importantly,wear clothes you are comfortable in. Its a fashion error to copy a style that looks good on a slim person when it might not agree with your bigger shape .

Have a look at some of these styles for some Inspiration


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