10 OUTFIT IDEAS FOR A SATURDAY NIGHT OUT----watch video for some casuals


Saturday night at the club is a great way to unwind after a busy week at work. This is also the perfect excuse to dress up and go have fun. Dressing for a night at the club differs from dressing for work or a regular outing; it’s the time to let out your wild side. Try on daring outfits; it’s not a night for subtlety.

Here are some tips
1. Sequins: Add a bit of sparkle to your outfit; try anything with sequins from a blazer to shoes! Clubs aren’t well lit anyway so be a source of light!

2. Shoes: For those who work in corporate environments, wearing shoes with spikes and splatters of paint aren’t acceptable so Friday night is the perfect time to strut around inshoes that wow.

3. Sheer clothing: For those who aren’t bold enough to try sheer clothing in the day time try it at night when it’s much darker for a sultry and sexy look.

4. Show some skin: Going about your daily business is not exactly the time to be in all types of clothes, especially those that show a substantial amount of skin, so on Friday night when considering what to wear, think of a staples or backless dress.

5. Short dresses: Clubs are no place for Long dresses of any kind. Short dresses are like the ultimate club outfit, pair it with a blazer and stilettos and you’re good to go.

6. Shorts: No one says you can’t wear jeans to a club, but try shorts instead; they are more fun and easier to work with.

7. Choose white: It may sound bizarre but it’s not, try wearing white to a club, it’s the ultimate way to draw attention to yourself. You can’t miss a girl in white!

8. Bold Make-up: Try bold make up for the night out, try out a new lipstick colour, have dramatic eyeliner to complement your outfit.

9. Skirts: The whole bandage skirt on the club scene has gotten really boring and un-innovative, try something new like an asymmetric skirt or skater girl skirt.

10. Jewellery: Pile on the jewellery, leave no arms bare, have an arm party. Wear statement necklaces, cocktail rings.  This is the icing on the cake of your perfect night out attire
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