Nollywood actress Lota Chukwu released a series of photos

 PrettyNollywood Actress Lotaa  Chukwu  Is Stunning In New Photo Category:

  • Lota Contemporary
Nollywood actress  released a series of photos taken by brilliant photographer- Aham Ibeleme.
“Lota Chukwu said "I was trying to tell a style story combining photography, makeup, hair and costume, and the team at Zebra Stripes Networks, Aham and Tito made it work”
The photos range  through Contemporary, Old Hollywood and Oriental

Lota Contemporary 2
Lota Old Hollywood 1
Lota Old Hollywood 2jpg
Lota Old Hollywood 3
Lota Old Hollywood 4
Lota Old Hollywood 5
Lota Old Hollywood
Lota Oriental
Lota Oriental 1
Lota Oriental 3
Lota Oriental 4


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